Since being established in 1976, the Transportation Communications International Union-Los Angeles Metropolitan Authority Health & Welfare Trust Fund has provided health and welfare benefits. The Fund covers MTA employees and their dependents ("Participants") who belong to a collective bargaining unit represented by the Transportation Communications International Union, Lodge 1315. The Fund is solely responsible for the payment of benefits it provides. The liability of the MTA is limited to the payment of contributions to the Fund in accordance with a succession of collective bargaining agreements between the MTA and Lodge 1315. Participants are also required to make payments to the Fund as a condition of eligibility for benefits. The eligibility rules and benefits are established and determined by the Board of Trustees of the Fund. The Board of Trustees has the exclusive right, power and authority, in their discretion, to administer, apply, interpret and/or terminate any provision of the Fund. The Trust Fund is not an insurance company. The Trust Fund has contracts with medical and dental providers to provide services to eligible participants of the Trust Fund. The benefits provided by the Trust through its Fee-For-Service Medical Plan are not insured by any contract of insurance, and there is no liability on the Board of Trustees or any other individual or entity to provide payment over and beyond the amount in the Trust collected and available for such purpose.

Once a participant establishes eligibility for benefits in accordance with the eligibility rules of the Health & Welfare Trust Fund they are entitled to chose among three medical plans and two dental plans. The Trust also offers vision, wellness, life insurance and hearing aid benefits. For additional information regarding the eligibility rules and benefits offered by the Trust Fund please consult the Summary Plan Description. You can view the Summary Plan Description from this web site or by requesting one from the Administrative Office.


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