TCU-LAMTA HW Benefit Improvements Wellness Fee-For-Service Dental Plan (March 2023)
Open Enrollment Notice (November 2022)
Hinge Health Flyer
TCU-LAMTA HW Fund Benefit Improvements Notice September 2022 Wellness & Orthro
TCU-LAMTA HW Fund Benefit Improvements Notice June 2022
TCU-LAMTA HW Fund Wellness Benefit Notice
Kaiser SBC (2023)
Benefit Improvements Notice (hearing aid + dental)
United HealthCare SBC(2023)
United HealthCare Harmony Group SBC (2023)
Post-Mastectomy Notice (November 2021)
Open Enrollment Notice Part Time Participants (November 2021)
Notice of Benefit Change (December 2013)
Notice of Privacy Practices (November 2022)
Notice of Benefits For Part-Timers (2013)
Notice of the new VSP Vision Plan (November 2009)
Notice of VSP Increased Vision Benefit Allowances (May 2010)
Notice of the new VSP Vision Benefits (January 2010)
Notice Enrollment of Dependent(s) Up To Age 26 (November 2010)
Grandfathered Health Plan (November 2020)
Hearing Aid Benefit SMM (December 2018)
Fee-For-Service Medical Plan SBC (2023)
Notice Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Benefits (January 2011)
Participant Portal Reminder (November 2022)
Mandatory Sav-Rx Prescription Drug Benefit Reminder (November 2022)
Fee For Service Medical Plan Maximums (May 2011)
First Dental Health Sample Fees (Region 1; 2014)
First Dental Health Dental Network Reminder Notice (November 2022)
First Dental Health Sample Fees (Region 2; 2014)
First Dental Health Dentists (2014)
Notice of change in Fee-For-Service Dental Plan (April 2014)
Notice of change in Fee-For-Service Dental Plan (Reminder May 2014)
Notice of change in Fee-For-Service Pre-Existing Condition (November 2014)
TCU Benefit Improvements Notice
Kaiser Vision Facilities Flyer (June 2018)
Certificate of Creditable Coverage (2023)
VSP Notice Kaiser Participants (Janurary 2021)
VSP Benefit Improvement Notice (Janurary 2023)

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Disclaimer: Health benefits are available only if your employer participates in the Health Benefit Fund by paying the proper contributions. If you are in doubt as to whether contributions are being made on your behalf, check with your employer or the Administrative Office.


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